Photo Cred: @thelocalskill @jdyphotography

Photo Cred: @thelocalskill @jdyphotography

Bhangra In the Bay is the Bay Area's first bhangra fusion dance class!

What is bhangra? 

Bhangra is a traditional folk dance that originated in what is now modern-day Punjab (which was split between India and Pakistan at Partition). It is a festive dance, often set to the rhythm of a two-headed drum, that is celebratory, joyous and straight-up fun.

What is a bhangra fusion dance class? 

A bhangra fusion dance class mixes elements of hip-hop, house, funk, African dance, New Jack City, and street styles. We strive to respect the proper "form" of bhangra moves while mixing them up!

Bhangra in the Bay is good for all levels of dancers (including YOU former and collegiate bhangra dancers and YOU hip-hop super stars and YOU total dance novice). It will make you sweat, smile, bounce your shoulders, and have fun! 

Will this be a weekly class?

Yes! We are teaching classes every Sunday (unless otherwise noted) at 5pm at Full Out Studios. See the Classes tab for more info. Email us at bhangrainthebay@gmail.com if you have questions! 


Full Out Studios
1225A 7th Street  

Oakland, CA 94607 


5pm – 6:15pm
Every Sunday


What to bring?

  • Water

  • Hugs

  • Shoes you can dance in 

  • High Fives

  • I am Impressed you are reading this

  • Smiles

  • Can-do attitude