We pride ourselves on our bad-ass instructors that have an understanding of proper bhangra form but who like to have fun with the dance and don't take tradition too seriously. Aka folk stars.

We want to inspire you, help you achieve your goals, push you, challenge you, support you, and laugh with you. Aka don't be scared when we try to be friends.  


Chethana Damodara

 Also known as "The Jhummer Master" and "Chetty." Chetty trained in Bharatanatyam (an Indian classical dance form) for 15 years and is an 8-year veteran in the competitive bhangra game. She has competed with several Bay Area bhangra teams, including Cal Bhangra, BARB, WSA, AMPD and Shan Punjab Di (please Google) and regularly judges bhangra competitions. She currently lives in San Francisco and works in the medical device industry.

Jasmine Singh

 Also known as "The One Who Smiles A Lot" and "Jazz." Jazz is a 16 year veteran in the competitive bhangra scene.  She was the captain and choreographer of the Michigan Bhangra Team from 2001 through 2005, the solo woman on the all-male Lethal Bhangra Crew (LBC) from 2006-2011 (watch those YouTube videos, son!), and was honored to be a member and leader of WSA, a team that brought together the fiercest women in bhangra from the West Coast, from 2012-2014. She was a hip hop dancer in college (with Encore Dance and Dance 2XS) and has a continued passion and respect for street styles and house. She regularly judges bhangra competitions and is a lawyer living in Oakland.